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Hi I’m Liz, the original founder of the L Photographie team! Believe it or not, I am not the L. As silly as it may sound, the L stands for love. I believe that everything we do and everything we are should be rooted in love. Love of other human beings, animals, the earth, ourselves...otherwise what is the point of this little thing called life? Not to worry, I also have an insatiable spot in my soul for shiny things, pretty shoes and all you can eat donuts, but I can never shake the feeling that life experiences outweigh these things every day of the week. My career started in photojournalism and true moments with real emotions are still what drive and excite me to be a part of so many glorious celebrations. I am lucky to have a career that allows me to get to know so many wonderful people on the other side of my lens. I love all of the unique family traditions, religious rituals and special quirks that make each of my couples unique! It is my hope that you can let go, fully immerse yourself in your beautiful wedding day, and allow me to make it timeless for you. If I can do that, then I have succeeded. 


I joined L Photographie in 2005, first with weddings, then to focus on our tiniest clients and families and run our portraits division. I am lucky to have one of my first hobbies become my career. I have a background in graphic design and journalism, which explains my love for artistic, yet natural images. I am passionate about photo preservation and helping you create tangible photography products. My goal is to create portraits your kids love to look back on, and want to share with their own children - photography lasting more than a lifetime. When I’m not behind my camera or computer, my time is spent keeping up with my 4yo daughter and 9yo son, plus renovating a house from the seventies that was covered in blue shag carpet when we found it (yikes), but I now know how to work a miter saw (bonus). I appreciate working with fun families, sarcasm, good wine and coffee, and I'm often told how patient and easy-going I am. Well, with your kids, not mine. ;) Little sarcasm. 


I have been a part of the L Photographie family since 2009, capturing wedding moments and memories! When I am not photographing or editing weddings, you can catch me playing guitar and singing with my band, hiking with my trusty hound dog, Mona, tending my jungle of houseplants, or teaching yoga and pilates. When I AM shooting weddings, you may catch me crouching in the bushes or standing on chairs to find the right angle, cracking jokes with the wedding party to get a laugh, or dancing into the crowd with my camera... whatever it takes to blend seamlessly into your wedding day so that I can capture every gorgeous detail, every emotion from belly laughs to tears of joy, the family traditions, and the stellar dance moves that make your day special and only yours. I want to capture YOU in your wedding photos, and I feel privileged to document every fun, weird, beautiful moment!   


There are many things I love about photographing senior sessions and mitzvahs…with seniors, I get to be a stylist and help you plan the perfect outfits, and scout unique locations for every shoot. It’s a fun challenge to make every session just a little different. On the day of a mitzvah, I get to be a part of amazing family celebrations, and recognize all the hard work that goes in to preparing for the day. The composure of each mitzvah as they stand up in front of all their family and friends always impresses me so much. Getting to work with teens at these milestones is an honor, and really fun! When I’m not shooting, I have just a few other creative endeavors to spend my time on…teaching dance, painting, and graphic design to name a few. At home, I have an amazing husband Brad, who’s a major movie buff and finally has joined me in a love for coffee, ha! We have two dogs - a husky Luna and the sweetest mutt you’ll ever meet, Quinn. I’m one of five girls and have an identical twin (don’t worry, you’re not seeing double!). I can’t wait to get to know you and hear about all your loves. See you in front of the camera!


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