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September 16, 2010

Sinton Family (by kristie)

I had a fun evening session with the Sinton family last weekend. (Even though I think Mom & Dad thought it was a “difficult” session … it was anything but). They have a secret family spot in Forest Park, which I think is quite cool. We took a small hiking detour on the way there (my bad) but it all worked out with smiles in the end! I got lots of fun shots at this session, it was hard for me to narrow down here… Hope you enjoy the peek!

First we started at one of my favorite spots… (I’m addicted to weeping willow trees this year)

While the kids were running around in circles, Dad wanted some shots alone with his lovely wife. Always love that!

Love this smile!

And, then, totally busted in the background big Sis! They are at the perfect “torture each other” stage. I’m sure this photo sums up a lot of their relationship.
(I remember that. I have four brothers. Need I say more?)

So I told Dad to make everyone laugh here… Rumor has it I got some bunny ears. Whatever works is cool with me!

She’s so pretty. So, so pretty.

And one last burst of energy before we call it a wrap!

St. Louis Family Photography.

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  1. marilyn brewster says:

    Love all the photographs. Lots of love evident in this family and it’s captured so perfectly.

  2. Kate Hayes says:

    love the shot of mom laughing with the two kids. beautiful!

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