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L Photographie


I can’t tell you how many couples come in and tell me that they are super uncomfortable having their photo taken, that they know they need photos but they don’t want to take very many, that think they look bad in photos, make funny faces, have a terrible fake smile, etc, etc. Jennifer and her […]

Jennifer + Justin wedding {by liz}


Ahhhh…this is my first blog post since we launched our new website. Fingers crossed everything goes according to plan! But honestly, does anything ever go exactly according to plan? I’m a wedding photographer and I can for sure tell you the answer is NOPE! Sometimes they are tiny things, like the wind making the bride’s […]

Nikki + Mike wedding {by liz & mer}


So Vassi and Pat are both zany and goofy — a perfect pair!  Their wedding day was action packed with laughs and quiet glances between them… I love that.  They got married at the ornate and gorgeous St. Nicholas Greek Church and had the reception at Chandler Hill and although it poured rain during the […]

Vassi + Pat wedding {by kate}


I am so excited to share this amazing wedding day. Martha and Tomas were married an a gorgeous day last September after the heat wave broke. I can officially say that this was my very first Eritrean wedding of my career! I love experiencing new wedding customs. First let’s start with what was my first […]

Martha + Tomas wedding {by liz}


My first big Greek wedding! So about 6 years ago (gosh – I’m losing count for sure!) my very best friend married another one of my friends who just so happens to be Greek. So although I have never shot one, I have been IN one and let me tell you…it is one crazy and […]

Christina + Michael {by liz}