Katie & Joe {by liz}

Katie and Joe are a totally laid back, fun couple that decided to get married in a wintery time of year – January. I love this seeing as I am ALWAYS hot. Give me snowy mountains vs. a beach any day! One of the major reasons I like cold weather…cuddling. And I don’t mean just me, but my couples. When it’s cold you want to hug and nuzzle in nice and close. When it’s warm and sticky I sometimes feel like I’m forcing people to touch each other. Their beautiful reception was at the Coronado. Rob is a true pro – he goes above and beyond to make sure his clients get the best of the best. Which in this case included a replica Martha Stewart’s Bubble Cake. Not to mention a little bit of artistic direction! When he alerted us that the fog had returned, we had to run out and take advantage of it! How often do you get to take photos in the fog in St. Louis? It’s certainly a rare phenomenon! Congrats Katie and Joe – I hope you enjoy the photos and memories for years to come!

Carly posted the following on March 18, 2010 at 5:02 pm.

I LOVE the night shots!!!

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