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L Photographie


I was just telling Mer that I think I may need to make a studio album sample out of these two. I love pretty things, but I love emotion more. Emotive people make my heart sing. If you are looking to feel love and happiness going into Christmas week, then take a look at these […]

Kate + Matt wedding {by liz & mer}


We tend to do quite a few “formal” weddings over here. Every photographer has his or her style and types of clients that style tends to attract. And by formal I mean large, intricately carved ballrooms with crystal chandeliers and beautiful ceremonies enshrined in religious tradition and meaning. We love formal! But we also love […]

Bre + Elliott wedding {by liz}


Stacy & Zac are an adorable, quirky & fun couple who laugh a lot and have so much fun together… all things that mean you found the right one!! ❤️ I love these gorgeous invitations from M Haley Designs… the intricate cutouts almost mimic the lacy embellishments on Stacy’s dress! SO PRETTY! Photobombed by this […]

Stacy + Zac wedding {by kate & meredith}