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L Photographie


A few quick pics from Julie and Matt’s engagement session!  One of you has to comment on here and tell our readers (ha – “our readers” – so formal – funny) how long you have known each other and how long you have been together.  It is CRAZY long!  I will never get it right […]

Julie + Matt Engaged {by liz}


Becca and Josh came in from Jeff City to shoot a few engagement photos in downtown St. Louis.  It was after I had broken probably somewhere around 5 traffic laws (the usual u-turns, parking in no parking areas, speeding, etc) that I found out that Josh is a policeman.  But a very understanding and fun one!  […]

Becca & Josh (by liz)


Let me start by saying Blake and I have known each other for about, oh (wheels turning…math in head…may need calculator) at least 6 years. AND he has always been one of my favorite people…sweet, funny and just an overall good person. No I am not saying these things because he’s seen me on winery […]

Sara & Blake get adventurous! (by liz)