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L Photographie


With life as hectic and crazy as it always seems to be (and it only appears to be getting crazier as time rolls on), it is easy to forget that everyone has a story. Our own stories can be so all-encompassing…what should I pick up for dinner, when can I get my car in for […]

Nora + Nico wedding {by liz}


Looking through these photos after I got them all in here made me smile. No seriously, I was scrolling through to make sure everything made it in correctly and suddenly realized I had a little grin on my face.  Having realized this, I went back through again and did some smile counting.  There are smiles […]

Deborah + Sam wedding {by liz}


When we pitched a couple of fashion shoot ideas to editor Nancy Slade at Saint Louis Bride Magazine, we had absolutely no idea it would turn into this. But lucky for us it did! The idea we started with and the end result are quite different, but the evolution of the idea from initial concept […]

Saint Louis Bride Fashion Editorial Shoot {by Liz + Kate}