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L Photographie


Ahhhh Marisa and Zach… where to begin?!  These two are so sweet and considerate of one another that it kind of reminds you why people get married in the first place… their wedding day was fun and light hearted on a beautiful farm owned by Zach’s parents!  Let’s begin at the beginning…. pretty, bright stationary […]

Marisa + Zach wedding {by kate & meredith}


Emily and Ryan are a fun couple, full of laughs, who share with me a mutual love of comfortable footwear at weddings! wedding VANS!!! YES! a little pre wedding snack to keep energy up LOL Hi Ryan! You will see this bottle-cam later at the reception causing lots of mischief! A first look at the gardens […]

Emily + Ryan wedding {by kate}


Jen + Desh got married on what *may* have been the hottest saturday of this year… many an A/C break were taken and many (many) a snow cone & zoo slurpee were drunk, but everyone had fun AND I got to pet a teeny tiny little armadillo! (MUCH cuter than you would think) I love […]

Jen + Desh wedding {by kate}


I remember meeting with Lauren and her mom for the first time.  I have a clear memory of feeling like a chatterbox and thinking that I needed to shut my mouth for a minute and allow one of them to get a word in edgewise. How else was I going to find out more about […]

Lauren + Matt {by liz and kristie}