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L Photographie


These two were smiling and laughing with all their hearts, all day long. Their smiles and laughs were so big and so real that I think their eyes were closed in half of the photos LOL. And I in turn spent hours of editing smiling right back at my computer screen (with the cheek cramps […]

Molly + AJ wedding {by liz & meredith}


We’ve been so very excited about this wedding for the last, oh I don’t know…year or so?! Amy and Emily wanted their wedding to represent them both. Their favorite colors, creative natures, love of food, personal style…all of it. It was so fun to see their visions come to life at this love-filled summer wedding […]

Amy + Emily wedding {by liz & meredith}


I’m not going to lie to you wonderful people out there in the world. The weather pattern that has been swirling around over the St. Louis metropolitan area has been TOUGH on us poor wedding photographers this year. These little storms that seem to be coming in daily are all fine and dandy as long […]

Kat + Michelle wedding {by liz}


So get ready to literally die (maybe, depends on your heart…) from cuteness overload.  I love this wedding deep, deep down in my dark little heart  :)  Not only are Nina and Angie both amazing women, and so kind, but together they planned an over the top Alice in Wonderland themed brunch tea time wedding […]

Nina + Angie wedding {by kate}