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L Photographie


Merry Christmas Eve, happy Hanukkah, Festivus and anything else you may be celebrating (or not celebrating) this holiday season! Whatever your beliefs, I hope that you are surrounded by warmth and love. Whether that is part of a large family gathering or at a Chinese restaurant with best friends. The end of the year always […]

Jess + Dillon {by liz + meredith}


Love, love, LOVE these two! One of the very best things about photographing people for a living is actually getting to know the people on the other side of the lens. I meet so many interesting people, but sometimes I am lucky enough to meet the sweetest and most fun ones around. I’m pretty sure […]

Brandie + Fred wedding {by liz}


Looking through these photos after I got them all in here made me smile. No seriously, I was scrolling through to make sure everything made it in correctly and suddenly realized I had a little grin on my face.  Having realized this, I went back through again and did some smile counting.  There are smiles […]

Deborah + Sam wedding {by liz}