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L Photographie


Time for the first blog of 2020! I’m so excited to share all the happy moments and lovely details from Ivy’s bat mitzvah today…I finished it just in time, as I am about to go on maternity leave any day now! But baby was kind enough to let me finish the edit before making his […]

Ivy’s bat mitzvah {by meredith}


We tend to do quite a few “formal” weddings over here. Every photographer has his or her style and types of clients that style tends to attract. And by formal I mean large, intricately carved ballrooms with crystal chandeliers and beautiful ceremonies enshrined in religious tradition and meaning. We love formal! But we also love […]

Bre + Elliott wedding {by liz}


I love it when my clients do things their own way. And by that I mean they don’t adopt other people’s ideas or take on a totally new identity as their wedding persona. Instead, they take the time to think through the things that are important to them, activities they enjoy doing together, items they […]

Maggie + Steve wedding {by liz}