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L Photographie


We tend to do quite a few “formal” weddings over here. Every photographer has his or her style and types of clients that style tends to attract. And by formal I mean large, intricately carved ballrooms with crystal chandeliers and beautiful ceremonies enshrined in religious tradition and meaning. We love formal! But we also love […]

Bre + Elliott wedding {by liz}


We are amid the joy of holiday season! And we work our butts off all the way up until Christmas day over here. We make sure we keep it merry along the way…our wine fireplace stash is dwindling! But it also means I get to keep bringing you gorgeous fun-filled days like Catherine and Trey’s […]

Catherine + Trey wedding {by liz}


Before I dive into any wedding day, I ask couples to walk through it with me. I want to know step by step about the people and things that are most important to them so that I can make sure my focus is where they would most appreciate it. As a wedding photographer, I’ve basically […]

Monica + Patrick wedding {by liz & meredith}