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April 22, 2010

A little green wedding idea {by liz}

I was wondering around my little back yard with the doggies when suddenly I was smacked in the head by a piece of nature.  Which we don’t have a ton of being city dwellers.  Low and behold, it was one of these little guys…

A helicopter seed from a nearby maple tree.  Then I took a minute to look around and saw a bunch of them stuck in my gutter (damn!) as well as floating through the air…spinning in little circles.  Nature’s design is truly amazing.  I picked a bunch of them up off the ground and threw them in the air – weeeee!  They all spun in cool little circles and fluttered to the ground.  And then my head started spinning…what if you put these in little paper cones like you do with rose petals for a fun exit for the bride and groom?!  Talk about a fun/green/natural wedding tie in!  Of course you would have to run around parks and collect them now while they are out. I don’t think there is anywhere to order helicopter seeds in bulk online.  But I haven’t looked – you never know!  Happy Earth Day!

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  1. marilyn brewster says:

    What a great idea, especially on Earth Day.

  2. Emily McDaniel says:

    just come to my house… they are all over the place! When the wind blows it looks like it is raining helicopters in the yard. I would love for somebody to take them off my hands.

  3. Barb lewis says:

    You and Kristie can come over here – we have truck loads of them — You like um you got um………

  4. admin says:

    Nice one Liz! And my Mom (Barb that wrote above here) really does have truck loads of them… so SERIOUSLY if any bride out there wants some, just ask, don’t buy them online. Much “greener” to get them from in town ; ) Kristie

  5. melissa says:

    I love this idea! And I love your blog. What do you suppose they called helicopters before there were helicopters?

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