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June 8, 2010

A look back…and forward {by liz}

I’m one of those crazy nuts that looks forward the holiday season all year long.  I love it.  It was engrained in me by my nutty father who STILL dresses up as santa clause every year on Christmas Eve and makes all of us sit on his lap no matter how old we get (or how many pounds we weigh!)  So I had a meeting with another one of my favorite things tonight, which just so happens to be a person named Shelli Alred.  Not only is she one of the best wedding planners in St. Louis, but she is a really good person.  I always feel lucky when I get to spend some time with her.

Anyway, got me thinking about a wedding I did with her a few years ago in St. Charles and a neat little board I made.  Just thought I would share these shimmers of gold and twinkling lights! Christmas is only…counting…six months away!  Time to start planning the holiday dinner party.  Never can start too early you know.

L Photographie St. Louis wedding photography by Liz Sloan

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  1. Yara @ Bridal Horizons says:

    Shelli is such an amazing person. Love the board!

    • admin says:

      You are such a sweetie! Thanks for continuing to visit and say hi! Sorry about not getting back with you quickly on the interview. I have answered some questions but keep getting pulled in a million directions!

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