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April 29, 2010

An inside joke {by liz}

I don’t have a big photo blog ready, so you get a little random tid bit about me today!

Last October hubby Steve and I took a little weekend mini-break and headed down to Memphis. And did we test our livers! We expected them to function as if they were twenty-something vs. thirty-something year old livers. Seeing as I work most weekends, the poor thing is a little bit out of shape! And the hangovers are brutal. But there is one thing I ALWAYS crave after a night out on the town (or a whole day out on Beale Street!)

A fountain Sprite. Every time I’m feeling a little under the weather the next morning, nothing tastes better than an ice cold Sprite. And it is always the best Sprite I have ever had. Every time.

So instead of putting up a really cool photo of Beale Street on the wall, I decided to put up a couple of photos of Sprites I had that weekend…aptly titled “The Best Sprite Ever” and “The 2nd Best Sprite Ever.”

Steve and I’s little inside joke hangs on the walls of our upstairs bath and always brings back memories of our crazy weekend.

L Photographie Wedding photography by Liz Sloan

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  1. kellyteck says:

    i need a fountain dr. pepper to help manage the hangover gurgle. i love that you captured this part of your vacation & hung proudly to display. question: is “the best sprite ever” on top with “2nd best…” on bottom? just needed the clarification.

  2. Liz says:

    Ha – yes Kel, you are correct! 2nd Best Sprite Ever on the bottom. In order of digestion. Hangover day 1 and hangover say 2.

  3. That’s so funny. In my case it’s an ice cold Diet Mountain Dew. Yep. And an apple.

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