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September 2, 2010

Angie + Mike {by liz}

Oh so lovely!  Another wedding at one of my favorite venues: Oliva on the Hill.  I keep trying to narrow down the number of images I blog per wedding so it isn’t such an incredibly gigantic daunting task to sort, resize, logo, order, upload, etc…but my couples keep having such beautiful weddings that that goal has become unreachable.  My favorite detail from this wedding was the brooch bouquet handmade by the bride and consisting of family brooches, some from friends and family and others from antique shops.  I LOVE it.

I also love how much these two love each other.  Each of their families was so obviously happy for them and Mike was a wee bit teary eyed through the ceremony.  Their theme for the day to friends and fam: We love our ordinary life with you.  How perfect is that?  On with the photos!

I almost never get to carry a dress outside for a photo! And how about those shoes?!

I love this one. The getting ready photos always have this sort of calm before the storm sort of feel for me. Not to compare a wedding to a storm...more of a whirlwind!

Mike is a fire chief in Belleville and this is his truck. And his girl Angie.

When in Illinois...find a corn field! Hey - I went to high school over there so I am allowed to poke fun. I think corn fields are cool. We went from a corn field to the City Garden...I like the juxtaposition.

The fabulous brooch bouquet. There are no words.

Aged bench at Oliva on the Hill.

Even Mike's boutonniere was a perfectly shaped brooch.

Oliva later in the summer with the wisteria vines filled in.

Every guest had their OWN chocolate gnash covered cake. YUM.

Cute cake topper. Their nicknames for each other may have something to do with bunnies...or so I've heard.


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  1. Laura Ehlers says:

    These are just lovely! I especially like #7 – Angie in foreground smiling and Mike behind smiling at her. Other favs – the couple on the bench with the parasol, in front of the blue door and really really love the red shoes and firehat!! Just darling.

  2. Brad Touchette says:

    Wow, what a beautiful bride! Congrats, Angie! And to Firedude, too. You are now officially Mrs. Firechick. You should’ve put the helmet on for a pic once at least.

    Anyway, all the best to the both of you. Live long and love longer!

  3. Chris Agne says:

    Amazing! I’m not sure which one I liked best! You two look like you were made for each other. I like the actually wedding (vow) pic and agree with Laura on the blue door pic. Congrats!

  4. Lysa says:

    The talent on you, Liz… wow. These photos are beautiful. And Ang, I know how much time you spent researching photographers gal. Absolutely perfect choice. L-O-V-E the photos in front of the blue door!

    • admin says:

      Thanks everyone! Ang – I LOVE your friends! I don’t rememeber the last time I actually had this many people COMMENT on a post. I often times feel as if I am talking to myself. :) Seriously, I alway say it is easy to take pretty pictures of pretty things and you guys, wow. So many cute details and you guys just so into each other. There’s no faking love you know…not even for a good photo. Lysa – hopefully my full edit will make your job easy when it comes to the album. I hope!

  5. So many amazing details at this wedding. I can see why it was hard to narrow down the post!

    I really like the shots at the fire station. The groom from the wedding I shot on Saturday must work under Mike as he is a firefighter for Belleville. We stopped at the station too on our way to the Quail Club.

  6. Awesome wedding! Fab details, and that brooch bouquet – Holy Cow – Love it!!

  7. Horry Dungan says:

    Wow what great pictures! Thank you so much for letting Deniece and me be a part of such a wonderful wedding and weekend. True friends last a lifetime!

  8. Horry Dungan says:

    Wow what great pictures. Thank you so much for letting Deniece and me be a part of such a wonderful wedding and weekend.
    True friends last a lifetime!

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