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June 21, 2012

ANSHUL + MATT {by kate and kristie}

So here we go… I don’t know how to start this one so I am just going to dive in!  Anshul and Matt were my first Indian wedding ever, and it was everything I hoped and more… tradition, joy, beauty, color, love, and a wild dance party, followed by total exhaustion!   I had a blast at the henna ceremony and by the end of the night on Saturday Kristie, Katy, and I felt like we were part of the family… the only thing we were missing were saris!  We’ll start with a few photos from the rehearsal dinner… I love how EVERYONE dances!  and the bird of paradise napkins.







more than a few tricks and jokes were played on Matt!




and a surprise performance for Anshul left her in stitches… meanwhile I kind of feel like Matt might have just stepped out of the Matrix…. very slick in his all black.


and the wedding day!





a card from Matt, and then downstairs for the bracelet ceremony…


these bracelets were pulled from the milk and applied in turn by  family members to Anshul’s arms, then silver charms tied in place!



now on to the man details… while I was with Anshul, Kristie was with Matt getting ready (lots of simultaneous action today, I will try to keep it all straight so you guys can tell what’s going on!!)



Matt dressed and ready!

meanwhile Anshul was also getting ready!


Bindi application is quite an undertaking, but turned out beautifully!

Anshul looked breathtakingly gorgeous.

her brother could not be concerned with such things and decided to nap!  :)


meanwhile (see what I mean?!) Matt is getting ready to have his Sindhoor applied before the Baraat

Mom traditionally applies the Sindhoor


mount up, it’s time for a rainy day Baraat (don’t forget your parasol!)


love the horse’s regalia


so many rose petals!



and a final shot of a wet horse walking away

the girls were safe and dry opening up cute Kate Spade bracelets engraved for the occasion

a few final moments with Anshul before the ceremony begins

beautiful bright colors were everywhere in the ceremony room

and peacock feather shaped rose petal arrangements dow the aisle


the stealing of Matt’s shoes (more on this later when he needs them back!)





the exchange of garlands










the seven steps




there was quite a ruckus after the ceremony when Matt tried to buy his shoes back that resulted in tackling and a tug of war for the shoes

a quick walk for a few portraits now that the rain had subsided










AND some outtakes… couldn’t resist.

these hats are dangerous!

photo bomb!

back to the hotel for an outfit change for the wedding party… Anshul into this salmon colored dress and Matt into a tux!


meanwhile:  cocktail hour and photo booth fun!




the room was glowing pink with lights and fabric draping






Let the festivities begin!  Speeches and dancing for the bride and groom










despite the fact that Anshul claimed she was not going to perform and had not prepared anything, she and he friend Opal surprised Matt with a perfectly choreographed routine


then a dance together!



this cake by Sugaree is a stunner with it’s hand painted sugar petals


and a groom’s cake for Matt (who if you know is a die hard Cardinals fan if you saw their engagement photos)

Let’s get this party started! Bar none the most fun dance party I have witnessed in a while!

















And throwing of rice at the end of the night (watch out back there!)

Congratulations Anshul & Matt, thanks for letting us in on the fun!  with love, Kate & Kristie


special thanks to Katy Corea for your assistance and keen eye!

hair: Breathtaking Bride

makeup: D’Shannon Llewellyn

dresses & saris: custom made from India, Suram designs

cake: Sugaree bakery

florist: An Eclectic Stem (Kansas City)

venue: the Hyatt Regency at the Arch, Gateway Terrace

DJ: DJ Raja

catering: Taj

photobooth: Two Chics and a Photobooth

Lighting and Decor: Exclusive Events


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