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July 9, 2010

Becca + Josh {by liz}

My little sick doggie put me a wee bit behind on my blogging. I just shipped out Becca and Josh’s photos to Jefferson City, MO today! So in an effort to beat them, I thought I’d get a quick last minute, under the gun blog up for them. Quick, but not short! So many cute photos – so tough to narrow it down! They had a fabulous ceremony and reception at Oliva on the Hill. AND one of my favorite new favors ever. Guests took home individual, ready to plant baby pine trees with little burlap covered root balls. I may have a new favor idea for my annual holiday party! Yes, already planning Christmas in July.

I love how laid back Becca and Josh are with each other, and it is obvious they (and their friends and fam!) like to have a good time. It’s been a couple of years since I saw a conga line break out, and I can’t tell you how many people at this wedding tried to get me to have a drink, relax and enjoy myself. I tried to tell them that the photos turn out much clearer, not to mention right side up when I am alcohol free! So I stayed the course…which took all of my will power with this group! Not to mention the fact that Catering St. Louis makes a killer strawberry basil mojito. Mmmmm…enjoy the photos!

Gotta love that smile.

I call this one "How many bridesmaids does it take to open a stylish little clutch?!" Sorry ladies...I had to. :)

First sight. Cute.

Always love monochromatic bouquets. A simple mass of color makes the biggest statement.

The decor on the door at Oliva as well as the programs set the tone for the "natural" feel of the wedding.

Snuck away for just a few more portraits. Totally worth it.

See what I mean?!

Cutie little pine trees and marinated olives for guests to munch on. The munching only applies to the olives. I think the trees would be dry and tough.

Tree guest book!

Guests were asked to sign the wine bottle for the couple to enjoy on their 1 year anniversary. I basically like any idea that involves wine.

Even Josh's son had a little something to say to the crowd. Youngest toaster ever!

Just take a minute to count the smiles in this photo. It's a happy room.

And POOF! The patio is perfectly reset and ready for a dance party.


Dancing into the night...congrats guys!

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