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March 26, 2012

Better late than never {by liz}

“Better late than never” is a good little motto to live by in my book. Don’t get me wrong, I also believe in “better on time than late” as my primary approach to life, but we can’t live in absolutes. Life is full of gray area and sometimes that’s the best part! So, rather than never share my annual holiday dinner party decor with you, I’m going with late. Very late. I thought I would slip this up last weekend figuring all of the green-ness would be a great excuse to make it a St. Patrick’s Day post, but I didn’t make that self-made deadline either. So I am deeming this 2011 Flashback Week and just going with it! I had 4 beautiful engagement sessions that happened in October and November that I also hadn’t had a chance to share so this should work out perfectly.

Every year my husband Steve and I have many of our close friends over for a holiday dinner party. We usually end up with anywhere from 20 – 36 of our favorite people partaking in all kinds of merriment. Cooking a sit down dinner for that many people in an old, tiny kitchen with a single oven is no small feat, but we love the challenge. And it always warms my heart to sit down at a table with all of our friends and toast and reflect and celebrate just getting to be together for another year.

And we always do our best to make it as special as possible! This year was a little tough – the dinner was two days after our L Photographie studio open house. With the move, a very busy fall shooting, decorating, cooking, cleaning, etc some of the little things got overlooked. I may have thrown some of this overlooked items in the basement or stuffed them in closets (and will probably find them again in a couple of years). But somehow it all came together and hopefully a great time was had by all! I know I had my own fair share of “merriment” that night. :) Our fun extra activity this year was a scotch tasting by region. Steve did an impressive amount of research and picked up 5 nice single malt scotches for our guests to partake in. I made little maps of Scotland on easels so tasters could visualize the region they were sipping from. Thanks to Catering St. Louis for loaning us a few of the perfect size snifters for the event!

And there are plenty more thanks where that one came from. Connie Duglin Linens provided the amazing tablecloths, Lisa from Belli Fiori made us some moss balls and flower arrangements to mix in with some tissue wrapped vases serving as small lanterns and Shayna at St. Louis Wedding Consultants for the rattan chargers! Enjoy the photos!

L Photographie St. Louis Wedding Photographers Liz Sloan and Kate Hayes

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