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Hadley and Dan are a fun couple of humans. They have hilarious dogs, and they make each other laugh a lot… what more could I ask for? I gotta say… things are a little weird right now, and it felt kind of comforting in its normalcy to just sit and edit photos of happy people […]

Hadley + Dan engaged {by kate}


Ok, Monica and Matt have been engaged for awhile. We just finally got together to do this! I mean, they are getting married next month so it was about time right!? At least I HOPE they are getting married next month (wear your masks people!) Big thanks to Cole for being a true team player […]

Monica + Matt engaged {by liz}


This was my first engagement session back after MONTHS of not photographing people! I have been capturing beautiful shots of all of the bread I’ve been baking, but that’s quite a different story. It was nice to interact with humans again! At a safe distance of course. ;) I’m thrilled that I was able to […]

Sam + Jackson engaged {by liz}


March 28th. That’s the date we are about to revisit. It was Kirsten and JD’s original wedding date. Does anyone remember what the world was like on March 28th? We hadn’t quite made it to a stay at home order yet…we were limited to groups of 10 people or less. I didn’t own a mask. […]

Kirsten + JD wedding {by liz}


With all the “social distancing” in the world right now, I’m sure you’ve heard of the Front Porch Session trend. I got together with the Long family to capture a little piece of history before their new baby arrives. Not only the front porch, but a little reminder of life with only one kid at […]

Long Family + Baby on the way {by Kristie}

family maternity photos


It’s Sunday, so I have to share a senior right? ;) Actually I wanted to share Katie’s session today as her graduation ceremony would have been yesterday. I’m so sorry it didn’t happen (here’s hoping maybe this summer??) but know that everyone in your life is so proud of you Katie! We’re all still trying […]

Katie : class of 2020 senior {by meredith}


Ahhhh…my first wedding of 2020. Who knows when the next one will be? For me, the uncertainty is the toughest thing to overcome in our new normal. It’s the thing that I believe is making it difficult for us to sleep and bringing our strange dreams to the surface. As we worry about the health […]

Mercedes + Barry wedding {by liz}


I don’t even know where to start on this wedding… it is gorgeous from start to finish & was SO. MUCH. FUN!! It culminates with a NYE party at the Ritz Carlton St. Louis complete with a beautiful couple, a confetti explosion, and a sparkler sendoff!  The lovely BasiaIt’s always good to start the day […]

Basia + Christian wedding {by kate}


Sometimes your brother gets married & you just want to be a guest… so you enlist your friends to photograph it… so this was a tag team effort — shot by Kate and edited by Kristie!! DJ and Jani… they had a lovely winter wedding at Quail Ridge, surrounded by family and friends.Jani and DJ […]

Jani + DJ wedding {by kate & sort of Kristie too}