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May 9, 2011

Christina + Habi {by liz}

Ok, so a slightly different kind of couple for me, but a couple none the less! This is a very rare occasion. Photos with children in them aren’t exactly my specialty…obviously they are Kristie’s. And there is a very good reason for that! I have absolutely no idea what to do or say around children. I tend to talk to them as if they are little adults. Which usually means we end up in some sort of deep conversation. In this case Habi and I got into the scientific details of lava, how hot it is and where it comes from. And, in this rare occasion I find myself photographing a wee little human under the age of 10, I hope and pray they are exactly like Habi…basically the cutest and happiest 6 year old ever. Not to mention his hot mama Christina.

It was touching to photograph a completely different type of love, but a true love none the less. Mother and son. Enjoy!

We started off by enjoying a chocolate milkshake at Crown Candy Kitchen. I was kinda jealous.

Perfect cuteness.

Now is when I start to crack up. So after a chocolate milkshake and a grilled cheese sandwich, we head out for a few photos.

However, Habi, um got a little, well, gassy…maybe from all of the dairy? In the middle of smiling and giggling for the camera a little something snuck out…

And Christina’s reaction was priceless. Habi certainly got a kick out of it. I just love this series!

I see a GAP ad campaign.

A little bit of funky fun.

And now the pretty, pretty park shots! Cute tree swing.

And my very, very favorite photograph of the day. A perfect little slice of time in a crazy, bustling, rushing, not-so-perfect world. Love you guys!

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