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November 10, 2010

Christina + Michael {by liz}

My first big Greek wedding! So about 6 years ago (gosh – I’m losing count for sure!) my very best friend married another one of my friends who just so happens to be Greek. So although I have never shot one, I have been IN one and let me tell you…it is one crazy and wonderful affair! Turns out Christina’s Uncle (I think it was uncle) owns my very favorite restaurant in St. Louis (Olympia in Dogtown – if you haven’t been you MUST!) so I considered shooting in food trade. Ha! No seriously, I love it. I spend about 12 hours there for my birthday every year. I should have been born Greek.

Ok enough about me, moving onto the important people. So I never know exactly what to expect when I arrive at the spot where everyone is getting ready in the morning. Sometimes things are quiet and calm, others it’s party central and every now and then everyone is running around in circles like crazy people. I’m not going to lie, this time it was closer to the latter. Whew were there a lot of women in one house bustling about dealing with last minute details! Everyone was so wrapped up in the festivities that no one even noticed I walked in the door. That was actually a first! And I loved every second of it. Capturing emotion is what I love to do and there was plenty of it from the moment I walked into Christina’s parent’s house until I left at the end of the evening.

When I arrived at the church I found Michael cool and collected and just so darn smiley and ready to marry the love of his life. The ceremony was beautiful – more details in the captions below. Then we scooted off to Wash U for a few wedding party photos and popped into a quick field to take advantage of some of my favorite fall wildflowers and grasses. Finally it was off to the Renaissance Grand for the reception. Heartfelt toasts and lively Greek dancing wrapped up the perfect day. Enjoy the photos!

I love details. And the whole getting dressed ritual. You can feel the anxiousness - it's palpable - as everything is building up to the ceremony.

Ok Christina - don't kill me for putting this one in! But I lOVE your face as you are heading for the trolley! Priceless!

Mike getting into his jacket at the church.

Just hangin'. Actually, Mike you may be one of the more calmest grooms I've shot in awhile.

St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church. Wow.

I know I've mentioned before that it is nice to capture new and different things and cultures. The Greek wedding certainly falls into that category!

Proud parents of the bride. It was so nice to be able to get this angle and this shot! Thank you to St. Nicholas for such an amazingly flexible photography policy.

My very best friend married a handsome Greek man (no one tell him I said that!) and was married here as well. I was a bridesmaid (sans camera!) so I at least had a general idea of what to expect. Putting on the crowns.

There are no vows and the couple doesn't speak a word through the ceremony. They are officially married when they take their first steps together as husband and wife.

Love this one. Again, a rare and great photography angle.

Another one of my faves.

It really is a very pretty church. So many beautiful, intricate details.

Final couple of quiet shots and we're off to the party trolley!

Michael has no problem getting a real smile out of Christina!

Just a quick hop into a field...


A couple of quick photos at the hotel before we head upstairs to cocktail hour. Love this spot.

The beautiful Crystal ballroom! The tables were named after places Christina and Michael like to visit.

All of the amazing flowers by Alex Waldbart Florist.

Some friends put together a special "secret dance" and passed out these cards to guests. Guests learned some simple dance moves to that everyone could get out on the dance floor later with a surprise synchronized dance for the couple! I secretly thought it would never work...

Awwww....great toast dad!

Christina - your mom is simply beautiful. Just like you!

You know that secret dance? I was totally wrong! It worked perfectly!

Congratulations you two! It was a wonderful whirlwind!

Ceremony: St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church
Reception: Renaissance Grand Crystal Ballroom
Flowers: Alex Waldbart Florist
Dress: Simply Elegant
Cake: Cravings
DJ: Millennium Music
Videography: Westview Media

L Photographie St. Louis Wedding Photographers Liz Sloan and Kate Hayes

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  1. Wow! Awesome day! I had fun reading your commentary, and literally laughed out loud to your “(no one tell him I said that!)” comment.

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