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April 28, 2009

Commercial Shoot for the Buddy Walk

Many of you may know that Kristie and I do some work through the year with the Down Syndrome Association of Greater St. Louis and specifically with some of the member families.  Well, I got a fun treat the other day.  Albert Pujols has a daughter with down syndrome and agreed to be in the commercial shoot promoting the Buddy Walk in Forest Park on June 14th.  Of course he had to squeeze us in between his All Star commercial shoot and I think something for Wheaties, but no biggie. :) 

Seriously, what a great, laid back, easy going guy.  He sauntered up, gave the kids hugs, took the script, we wired him up and were off and running.  Poor guy – I think we gave him about 45 seconds to look it over before we were like “Ready?”  Ha!  The silence following the first time we started rolling put everyone into stitches. 

My favorite part was when we asked one of the kids (Danny) to scoot over in front of Albert and then asked Albert to put a hand on his shoulder.  Albert jumped at the chance to use his new script hiding place and spread it out on Danny’s back!  A good guy, great player AND a sense of humor.  What more can you ask for?  Here are a few photos from the experience…img_49831





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  1. kellyteck says:

    i’ve been blogged! woo-hoo! i was almost the cutest redhead that day. little hannah had to steal my thunder.

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