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August 1, 2011

Dani + Rob {by liz}

Dani and Rob are just happy people. And when you hang around with happy people, well, it rubs off. So once again, although it was another scorching hot day, and we were traipsing around, trespassing in random sunny country fields between Breese and Highland, IL, everyone was happy. After all, it is a wedding day – it SHOULD be happy!

Dani and Rob met back in 2005 in stats class at SIUE. Before they ever actually spoke a single word to each other, she called him the “stats guy” when telling her friends about the cute guy in her class, and he called her his “stats girlfriend” when referring to the hottie in his stats class. In my book, anyone who can bond over stats is meant to be!

I started shooting the girls at Dani’s parents house after they returned from Tangles salon with fab hair. The ceremony took place in their home town at St. Dominics Catholic Church in Breese, IL followed by the reception in Highland, IL at the Knights of Columbus. It was fun to work in Illinios for a change! I live about 7 minutes from the MO/IL border but maybe work in Illinois once or twice a year tops. It is odd in this city – people don’t like to cross rivers. Dani and Rob – thanks for taking a chance on a St. Louis girl! Enjoy!

Loved Dani’s bouquet! And this awesome antique chair in her parent’s bedroom.

Vintage beaded clutch – so cute!

Mother-daughter moment. I love these. I feel like the father of the bride really gets most of the big moments for the rest of the day – walking the bride down the aisle, welcome speech, father/daughter dance…so when I get these private moments early in the day with mom it makes me happy.

Ok, let’s get started!

Smiles from every corner.

Some finishing touches…lacing that dress was no simple feat!

The tucking in the laces under the dress stuff always cracks me up! I mean how many times in your life will your mother and your best friends literally be under your dress? Hopefully just this once. If it’s a common occurrence something is not quite right.

These are some of my personal favorites of Dani.

Off to the church for a few shots with handsome Rob! I just saw the Italian Job with “Handsome Rob” (played by Jason Statham- Transporter guy. No really, on IMDB they list his character as Handsome Rob.) Not that I wouldn’t have called Rob handsome anyway but it’s stuck in my head right now.

This is a close up detail of the altar in St. Dominic’s Catholic Church in Breese. Isn’t it beautiful? Now the kicker – Dani’s dad MADE it.

Grandma and grandpa praying just before the ceremony begins.

I’m not really big on formal processional shots, but these are a couple of the cutest flower girls ever.

Happy tears.


And we’re off to some corn fields! Kidding – no corn, maybe just some wheat.

So, it’s about 100 degrees, and I’m not even going to try to understand what’s going on here. It was happening so I shot it. Rob just says “I want to run through that field!” And I think I say “Seriously? Are you crazy?! I guess if you want to go for it!” And here you have it…

Fun red barn I found on my Highland scouting trip!

Dani danced for a lot of her life – you can tell in her body placement here – check out those curves! Which considering she is a size 2 (my guess) is quite impressive!

The completely adorable, rickety as hell, tiny, little scary bridge I found near the red barn. They were total troopers. This is another one of my favorites! Still not sure I would have walked across it. I didn’t when I was scouting by myself for fear that if I fell no one would ever find me. :)

Old brewery in Highland. Cool spot suggested by Dani and Rob!

Ok, time to go to the party.

Welcome and toasts brought lots of laughs!

I love that Dani is the kind of person that laughs so hard she cries. It makes me smile.

Sing it Rob! A little romantic first dance serenade.

The final treat of the evening before I left was a “love story” video put together by my favorite videographer Michael Gebbs. If you haven’t seen his work, then you must. Here is a link to both the love story you see being played here and Dani and Rob’s same day edit video. It was hilarious. Guests got a glimpse into Dani and Rob’s life through interviews with them together and separate. I don’t know how much of it was Gebbs being a rockstar or if Dani and Rob should go into stand up comedy, but it was awesome. It starts off sweet but gets freaking funny as hell.

Congratulations! I had an awesome time with you guys!

Ceremony: St. Dominic Catholic Church
Reception: Knights of Columbus Highland
Flowers: Floral Expressions- Janice Mahlandt
Cake: Marcia Wilson
Video: Gebbs Wedding Films
Hair: Tangles
Make up: Looks by Jewell, Jewell Reed-Tate
Bridal Salon (dress): Brides by Demetrios
Stationary (invites/programs): Tayhlor Made
DJ: Livewire Entertainment

L Photographie St. Louis and Wedding Photographers Liz Sloan and Kate Hayes

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  1. Gorgeous wedding, very well done. Excellent photos.

  2. Suzy d says:

    Wow ! what a great job putting this one together, and great pics! congrats to you both!
    If any couples, or brides are looking for a nice Barn venue minutes from St Louis ,
    Well then, if you want to, just check out Rocking J Ranch in High Ridge , Mo. 63049
    636-677-7771 or call me.

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