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April 16, 2012

Ellen + Zach {by liz}

I always look forward to the beginning of a new wedding season! I have usually had a chance to regroup, recharge and feel renewed. Being in a creative, artistic position has it’s rewards and hardships. Creativity doesn’t always come on demand or at the blink of an eye. Sometimes I feel like I’m stuck in a rut and have become too calculated.  Dependent on a formula for good photos that has worked for me in the past. Rather than take risks, I take the shots that I know will work over and over again. But a new wedding season means it’s time to mix things up a little and take a different approach to some circumstances! The changes or adaptations are probably not visible to most people, but they are to me. And the continued learning, changing and adaptation keeps me challenged and in love with my craft.

Enough self-indulgence as this post is certainly not about me! I just wanted to set the stage for my first wedding of the year and I promise not to talk this much all year.  So, I may feel renewed creatively, but I also usually feel a little bit rusty technically.  I generally pray that my first wedding of the year is “easy” from a photography standpoint. Beautiful light, even better weather, a good timeline, gorgeous locations, easy going couple, etc. Well you can’t have everything you want right?!

Torrential downpour. That is what it did the entire time we had scheduled for wedding party photos and portraits. I know I said I wanted to be challenged but come on now! Yet I was lucky in so many ways. My cousin Zach and and his beautiful bride Ellen were the perfect clients that day. The rain did not dampen their spirits. They were willing and eager to walk under an umbrella in a muddy wet landscape. They just wanted to enjoy their day no matter what and that is exactly what they did from beginning to end! I think I stressed out about it more than they did (certainly not the norm)!

We incorporated one of their special places into their day and the rain gave us an extra good excuse to hang out and enjoy it more than we otherwise would have. Zach took Ellen on a romantic first date at Sasha’s on Shaw and proposed there as well (at a later date!) So we sipped on wine and took some relaxed indoor portraits to the pitter patter sound of raindrops outside. And it was special.

The whole day was special. Starting with the ceremony at the historic Old Cathedral downtown under the Arch all the way through the fancy BBQ dinner at Moulin that evening. And I made it this far without even mentioning it was St. Patrick’s Day! Because it wasn’t about that. It was about Zach and Ellen who I am positive will have a long and happy life together. And finally…photos!

LOVE the invitations by Two Blue Doors.

Starting off the year with some lovely shiny things!

I love the way Ellen’s mom looked at Ellen after she put on her gown.

I headed to the church in time to get a few quick portraits of Zach.  On the right he is cracking up talking to guests as they begin to arrive and explaining that he’s having a few photos taken or he’d come out and say hi. I am huddled in hidden corner chuckling.

This little guy bravely marched Ellen down the aisle.  That’s a lot of pressure!  And he handled it like a pro.

What do you think this baby is thinking?!  I see something along the lines of “I can’t believe she paired those shoes with that dress.”

Happy tears.


Lisa from Belli Fiori did a beautiful job with the soft yet structured bouquets!

Fun at Sasha’s!

And a few quiet moments.

The rain lightened up to a reasonable enough level for us to take about 5 minutes worth of photos outdoors!  The magnolia trees were in full bloom that weekend.

Thank you for being an awesome wedding party!  Shot with mixed umbrellas…

Followed by a quick non-umbrella shot in the light drizzle!

One of my very favorites.

A group of family photos greet guests at Moulin!

Mmmm…cookie.  I love cookies.

Pretty natural centerpieces.  Love Lisa’s work!

Cute cake from Lubeley’s!

I rarely include a cake cutting shot in the blog because they are rarely my favorites.  Open mouths and chewing don’t tend to make for flattering photos!  But this one cracks me up.  Ellen looks like she got her hand caught in the cookie jar.  Sorry Ellen!

In celebration of St. Patricks Day, a Guinness toast!

Congratulations Ellen and Zach!  Thank you for allowing me to capture your personal and beautiful day!

This is where I generally include all of the vendor thanks! Well, Zach wanted to make sure I didn’t leave anyone out. So for your information, his hair was prepared by American Classic on Chippewa at Macklind, the valet was provided by his cousin Gene Kohler Express, the groomsmen’s rosy complexion was courtesey of Tom Schlafley and the ushers were NOT sponsored by Rogaine.

The OTHER amazing vendors…

Ceremony: The Old Cathedral
Reception: Moulin Meetings and Events
Flowers: Belli Fiori
Cake: Lubeley’s
Stationary: Two Blue Doors
Band: Lenny Klinger Galaxy
Favors: Lubeley’s
Dress: Enchanted Bride
Hair and makeup: Tami Scott

L Photographie St. Louis Wedding Photographers Liz Sloan and Kate Hayes

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  1. JoAnn Sherman says:

    Hi Liz,
    I loved viewing the wedding of Zach and Ellen.

  2. Jackie says:

    Hello, Liz. I help manage the website for Tami Scott Studio, specifically the content for her blog. I was wondering if you would give me permission to repost this story on our blog, with links of course back to this post. I’d like to run a two part series on What your wedding is like for the professionals you hire, the first part would be Tami’s recollection of this experience, and part 2 would be yours. Additionally, would you allow us permission to use some of the photographs posted here on both posts in this series? (with full attribution and links back to your site as well.)

    Thank you!


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