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November 24, 2011

Erin + Chris {by liz}

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I’m doing things a little bit backwards today. I have another wedding that should technically go up first, but since their photos arrived yesterday and they can enjoy the real thing this Thanksgiving, I figure Erin and Chris should at least have a blog preview of their beautiful day! So my apologies to Lucy and Dan – you guys are up next. :)

Erin and Chris’ photos are sitting in a box all taped, labeled and ready to head over to the post office to be shipped to Cincinnati, but alas, the craziness of the week before Thanksgiving got the best of me and I just couldn’t get them done early enough with shipping time. But in between freezing and dipping my pumpkin truffles and carrot cake drops, I figure a Thanksgiving Day blog is in order!

Erin and Chris had a beautiful ceremony at the World’s Fair Pavilion (one of my personal favorite spots in St. Louis) followed by a reception in the Crystal Ballroom at the Renaissance Grand (another personal favorite seeing as Steve and I held our reception there just over 5 years ago!) They both have theater backgrounds and played it up with tuxes with tails, a cinderella carriage, playbill themed tables and place cards in the form of broadway show tickets. Enjoy the photos and have a happy gobble day!

Getting ready on different floors in the Renaissance Grand in downtown St. Louis. Starting with the princess dress!

Pretty shoes and shiny things!

Thanks to Kate for the cool ring shot! I love how the TV reflection on the table makes it look pink and almost matches Erin’s shoe color perfectly!

Chris looking all dapper in his tails.

Erin hanging in her silk “bride” robe minutes before it’s time to get dressed.

Her face changed to a smile as soon as she started getting into it. There really is something about the power of a perfect dress.

In keeping with the theme of the day, a Cinderella shoe moment!

One of my favorites.

Perfect! Time to go get married.

Erin was completely poised. Dad on the other hand…she is definitely his little girl. At least one of them. :)

The sand pouring did not go exactly as planned, but it added a little lighthearted moment to the ceremony. As I’ve mentioned before, I love it when not everything goes just perfect. Makes it that much more memorable for everyone involved! As long as it’s something little like this…

Chris had practiced his vows and delivered perfectly.


Cinderella carriage sendoff!

Ok, so I don’t recommend trying this and although I have been known to ask my couples to do some pretty crazy things for cool photos, this is even a bit much for ME. (Can you believe I’m saying that Kristie?!) Erin had seen a photo by my friend Ryan Gladstone and wanted to recreate it. So Ryan – this is your fault! Thanks to their great friend Dan for rolling up his pants and serving as a bridal-portation device for Erin!

However, I must admit that the end result was pretty cool.

And then we had to get her back to dry land. :)

Ok – small break. Drove to in-laws, had a glass of wine, tried a “Mayflower” cocktail (yum), cooked turnip souflee (which is now in the oven) and have a minute to continue! Let’s get to some pretty portraits…

Kate’s angle. She has about a foot on me. If I shoot this all I get is arm. :)

And onto the Muny!

Beautiful flowers by Sisters Flowers! And a photo by the light post I believe was Chris’ suggestion but I like it! Found a neat spot to get some foreground tree to envelope them.

Practicing for later!

A little bit of pretty light left means pretty portraits…

And then downtown for a few quick shots before heading to the Renaissance Grand!

So this is a college thing. I will need someone to chime into explain! I can’t remember…maybe it’s the wine. :)

Cute favors and place cards!

Playbill themed tables. Neat.

Erin and Chris walked in and proceeded to perfectly execute their first dance! Well, THEY didn’t think it was perfect, but it was seriously one of the best Kate and I had ever seen.

Bring on the toasts! It’s always a shame to cut up a pretty Sugaree cake.

More dancing! Some very heartfelt and fun parent dances.

It’s just such a gorgeous room. Thanks for letting me be a part of your day! Congratulations!

L Photographie St. Louis Wedding Photographers Liz Sloan and Kate Hayes

(Will add links later – just wanted to get this up for now! Happy gobble day everyone!) Liz

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