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December 24, 2011

ERIN + JOHN {by kate}

Erin and John got married on a bright and sunny day near Carbondale IL at a brand new winery called Walker’s Bluff…they are the first people to have a wedding there! Another first for me… I have never (ever) had a bride get into a bouncy house before. Awesome.

Erin looking quite stunning…

finally John makes an appearance (sorry John…you didn’t have anything shiny for me to photograph!)

Erin’s dad’s baby (the car of course!)

these sheep are apparently a joke amongst this group… I will not mention what the sheep were doing at one point.

Okay… so I have never been in a bounce house withe a bride and groom before… tough (aka BOUNCY!) shooting conditions…but hilarious nonetheless. I was amazed by how laid back these two were… not at all concerned about tousling the hair or the dress etc… way to relax & have some fun on your wedding day!!

enough goofing around… it’s ceremony time!

and married!

love these little thumbprint trees!

cigar break!

Thanks for a fun day!


Dress: The Blushing Bride
Hair & Makeup: Micha Davis from Art of hair
Invitations: Chet Savage / Schwebel Printing
Venue & catering: Walker’s Bluff (Legends)
Cake: Bride’s Aunt jane McClure
FLoral/decor: Kindling
DJ: Mike Davis

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