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June 9, 2010

four weeks of Will (by kristie)

Well, it looks like we’ve survived the past four weeks with our new little guy. (or should I say he’s survived!) Sleep deprivation doesn’t begin to cover it, and I didn’t think I would be excited to find time to do things like shower and brush my teeth, but every second of the day counts now! I find myself literally running around the house to do chores when he is sleeping, so I can try and get a nap in too before he wakes up. The quicker I run around, the quicker I can hit the pillow! (He eats every hour and a half – what’s that about!?) But even though I’m SO tired and a little stressed, I look at how stinking cute he is and my heart melts. So here is a quick, slapped together collage of what we’ve been up to at the Cromie household. And now I better go sleep, because he is sleeping! That’s all people keep telling me ; )

St. Louis Children’s Photography.

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  1. amy roesslein says:

    awww so cute kris! i cant wait to meet him….we need to get together soon. let me know when is good for you. we should take pics of these little stinkers together!

  2. Carrie Alexander says:

    Kristie, does Will’s birthday happen to be May 9?

  3. His birthday is May 11. I was actually hoping for May 9 as it is my Grandma’s Birthday, a Best Friend’s Birthday, and was Mother’s Day this year … Does it happen to be yours? : )

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