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February 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Raya & Ollie

A quick shout-out to the lovely Joanna Kleine over at Joanna Kleine Photography and her twins that are turning the big ONE. I’m going to be celebrating with them this Sunday, but wanted to share with you this WONDERFUL thing they are doing for the party… In lieu of gifts, they asked everyone to donate to children in need, especially the children in Haiti. What a wonderful, generous, unselfish thing to do! So as I just got done donating their birthday gift away ; ) I was inspired to tell everyone who happens to read this blog, to go do the same thing! Even if it’s a couple bucks – every dollar helps these days!

So, cheers to Raya and Ollie who are turning ONE. And please let them also inspire you to donate to children in need!

Here are the cutie birthday kids (photos taken by their mom, Joanna):

And here is where I just donated. Just one of many places to do so!
Mercy & Sharing: 100% of general donations are sent directly to our projects in Haiti.

Mercy & Sharing has established a number of projects in Haiti in an effort to provide a safe haven for the many abandoned, malnourished and impoverished children who have nowhere else to turn. In Haiti one of every three children dies by age 5. These projects are designed to provide a loving, caring and nurturing environment, and to provide opportunities for intellectual and spiritual growth and training. Only by healing the next generation of children can Haiti have any hope of overcoming its problems. Please help us to help the children of Haiti in this endeavor.


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