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May 20, 2011

Harper is 1. {by kristie}

This is going to be a long post for me. I just kept finding Harper-cuteness and funny little “blooper” photos that I wanted to share. And I’ve made Harper’s Mom wait a patiently long time for this peek. I’ve know Harper’s Mom since kindergarten. Her house was like my second home growing up – that I use to drive my go-kart to. (another story). She is the (insert shameless plug) owner of Lavish Salon in St. Charles. A fab place. Check it out.

So… this is suppose to be about Harper… on with the photos!

I wanted to start our session with some fun balloons, since it’s her 1st Birthday shoot. And (this is how my luck has been going lately) I had to hit 3 stores on my way to Faust Park before I could even get balloons with helium. I had 7 to start with, and as you’ll see by this first photo, I only had 4 tangled in a big knot by the time Harper got them. It was SO windy that day. A storm had just finished. (shocker). Balloons were popping in my car. Then on blades of grass. (I mean, come on! Grass!)

So, these first few are usually ones I would just throw out – with dead balloons hanging on the strings – but I just had to share the story –

Oh, what’s wrong Harper? All the balloons popping and annoying the … out of you? Me too! ; )

Oh well! Just forget the balloons Kristie.

Are you getting this dress Kristie? My Grandma bought this for me.

I love this one. What a ballerina pose. She’ll be a dancer just like her Mommy.

OK. What is this belly I’m wearing?

Ruffle Butts. Love these!

Harper and big brother : )

And Harper torturing her big brother ; )

Flying with Daddy…

And safe in Mommy’s arms…

Then over to the playground for a quick slide and swing before we call it a wrap.

Swinging at sunset. What’s better?

All done. Time for bed.

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  1. kim weiss says:

    Harper is so beautiful! And really looks like all of them! One photo I’d say, “Oh gosh, she looks just like Colton!” next one it was totally Daddy, and the next Mommy! Such a great family! Happy Birthday to sweet Harper!

  2. amy roesslein says:

    Kristie I love the pics thank you for posting them I know how busy you have been! I liked your blog too… I wish we had pics of the go cart..that would tell a thousand words….good times! Love ya! Your awesome!

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