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August 9, 2009

Holly & Matt (by liz)

So funny story. This has nothing to do with Holly and Matt and more to do with my brain being fried and needing forgiveness for not feeling very witty today. If any of you have been outside today or yesterday, you know it feels like a warm, sweaty, smothering hug out there. And not the good kind! Kristie and I shot a wedding yesterday and I met this nice couple from Washington DC. I had just finished telling Kristie that although it was smoldering out there, at least it was less humid than usual. So this couple asks me “Is the weather always like this here?” I answered “If by weather you mean really hot in the month of August, yep.” And they said “I mean, we have humidity in DC but nothing like this.” When I told them that I had just talked to my partner about how it’s not as humid as usual they gasped and shook their heads. Good ol’ St. Louie!

So I think sweated out too many brain cells yesterday and now I’m having a hard time forming complete sentences. Holly and Matt had a pretty hot day too and because of that we made two very quick outdoor stops and then hurried our butts into some AC for a beer at Bar Louie. However, I got a great portrait of Holly there so it doubled as a shooting location! Holly and Matt had many couples dream wedding…ceremony at the Cathedral Basillica and reception at the Starlight Room at the Chase Park Plaza put together beautifully by Alred Wedding Consultants. I kind of feel like when it comes to stature, the Chase is to St. Louis as the Plaza is to New York. Not the same in many ways but both very beautiful. But of course it’s not about where you do it, it’s about who you do it with. And hopefully it’s the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. Congrats you two!

Let’s start with Holly’s gorgeous dress from Saks.


And fabulous fushia shoes! I’ve been having more clients lately with colorful shoes. Love it!


A few last minute finishing touches before we leave for the church.


Really, how much more beautiful does it get (other than the bride of course!)? My uncle Larry runs tours of the Basillica and I think I might need to pop in for one. So many amazing details in millions of tiny mosaic tiles. Oooo…Mosaic makes me think of dinner. I’m hungy. Tapas are yummy.


Color scheme photo! I love fushia and orange together – so vibrant and beautiful. I used to live in an apartment in Soulard and those were my highlight colors. You should have seen my pink and orange Christmas tree!


We spent about 15-20 minutes at Forest Park for a few quick, fun outdoor photos.




Love the ring reflection off the table! We swung by for a quick stop at the Arch for a few fun angles.




This is that Bar Louie portrait I mentioned above. I’m including it in two different tones because I can’t decide which one I like the best!



The wedding party needed to cool off, so we made a quick trip to Ted Drewes to beat the heat with some frozen custard!



A few details from the wedding reception include a beautiful cake, gladiolas submerged in water and a fabulous pink candy bar!



Ok, how cute are these two?!


Dancing the night away…it was a pleasure working with you guys!


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  1. admin says:

    Great stuff Liz! I love the Bar Louie portrait – and the second post process effect ; ) Also love all the detail shots… and of course the little kids dancing! I like that she’s trying to get away from him… ha.

  2. Pamela says:

    awesome job!

    def go with the 2nd bar louie shot.

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