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June 6, 2011

Kaitlyn is 1 {by kristie}

This little cutie has so many face expressions, poses, dance moves and songs. She had us cracking up the whole shoot.

We wandered around the side streets of Lafayette Square

Practiced walking…
(I love exactly what everyone is doing in this photo)

Mommy smiles. Nothing beats it.

Kaitlyn just being silly while she got an outfit change. I love the wrinkle-nose smirk.

And THIS. I can’t even HANDLE THIS. It is the funniest, most perfect little dancer pose I’ve ever seen a 1-year-old whip out. I mean, come on. Down to her painted little toe nails, it’s pure cuteness. And as “posed” as it looks, it was not posed at all!

What a happy little family.

And I swear this swan is looking at me. (“Stop looking at me swan.” … Any Billy Madison fans?)

Some bubble pointing.

And finally… the good stuff. Cake!

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  1. Barbara says:

    Your so right – the perfect dancer picture ever….and I love Mom’s smile – she is so cute..

  2. Mike C says:

    Jazz hands!

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