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November 27, 2012

Katie + Sean {by liz}

I realized after arriving at Katie and Sean’s wedding that my Facebook post “taunting” tropical storm Isaac may have not been my brightest moment.  I was just trying to say I was up for the challenge!  I was NOT asking for what we got that night.  Lucky for me, these two (and the members of the wedding party!) were up for it too.  As a photographer, I can’t ask for more.  All I can do is my very best with the circumstances I’m presented with and wish for a couple that is willing to go the extra mile with me for some great shots!  Even if that means shooting in a torrential downpour, after sunset in near blackness, standing in soggy wild grasses, covered in a giant poncho all with headlights from my Jetta lighting the shot. And MOST importantly an awesome couple willing to brave a few raindrops.  Because to be honest, if my couple doesn’t look happy out there under the umbrella huddled up together, then none of the madness is worth it.  This was totally worth it.  You guys were troopers!

Sean is in the Marines and had a tough time getting leave for this wedding to happen. They had to move the date a couple of months before, but in the end it was beautiful, touching and so obvious these two are very much in love.  And now…the photos!

I wish my hair would curl like this.

Also love this fluffy shoes!  And they were wedges which made me love them even more!

And onto the other half of Katie and Sean…Sean!  Total likable, cool guy.  You can tell by that smile right?

Back to finishing touches with the ladies!

Ceremony time!  Totally black church makes my job more difficult, but also made this candle lighting shot extra dramatic.  Here comes the bride!

Yay married!

And now I bring you rainy day wedding party photos.  I am under a giant poncho.  I don’t know how anyone could actually take me seriously.

Fun composite idea since we couldn’t get everyone out together in the ickiness!

Definite positive…rain can certainly be romantic.

These next couple of photos are totally a camera trick!  It was NOT this light out!  I just set my camera to allow more light in than there actually was available.  But it worked!

Now this on the other hand is MUCH more realistic.  Thank you Katie and Sean and car headlights for this fun portrait!

Sean did a very good job of keeping Katie under the umbrella, but his back didn’t fare as well as you can see in the shot on the right.  It was seriously pouring.  I feel like you are all going to think I am exaggerating because they look so calm and happy!

Time to party!

Sweet toasts.

And a few laughs!

Thank you both so much for having me capture your special evening! I can’t thank you enough for being so adventurous with me! With love, Liz

Ceremony: Faith Family Church
Reception: Officers Club at Scott Air Force Base

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