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June 3, 2013

Katie + Tony engagement {by kate}

Katie and Tony are getting married this fall… here is a tiny preview of their sunny engagement session!  We spent an evening playing in the park with the pup and strolling around City Garden.

KT engagement blog_0001.jpg
KT engagement blog_0002.jpg
KT engagement blog_0003.jpg
KT engagement blog_0004.jpg

what a cutie!
KT engagement blog_0005.jpg
KT engagement blog_0006.jpg

**note: photographer is sitting in mud for the making of this photo set.  I joke that this is what happens to all my pants, but it’s true!
KT engagement blog_0007.jpg
KT engagement blog_0008.jpg
KT engagement blog_0009.jpg
KT engagement blog_0010.jpg
KT engagement blog_0011.jpg
KT engagement blog_0012.jpg
KT engagement blog_0013.jpg

thanks for a fun evening!  with love, kate

L Photographie St. Louis wedding photograpy by Liz Sloan and Kate Hayes

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