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November 23, 2010

Kim + Alex {by liz}

Let me start this off by saying that Kim and Alex are family (on my husband’s side) so I am going to try to take it easy on them so they don’t disown me! Seeing as I will have to sit at a table with them in just a couple of days, I’m pretty sure this is a smart approach on my part. Gobble!

My husband Steve and I have been married for four years now, but have been friends for about a dozen or so years and “together” for about 6 or 7. (Really, who can keep track of that stuff?! It’s kind of like counting birthdays after the age of 21. I have no idea how old I am about 75% of the time.) So during that 6-7 years or so I’ve gotten to know Steve’s family pretty well including Alex. I have to be honest, Alex still seems like a “kid” to me since when I first met him I would have put him into the “kid” category. Kim is one of the sweetest girls I’ve ever met and probably seems more reserved than she really is next to my husband’s rambunctious, festive, lively and chatty family (since I fall into this same category I consider all of those words compliments!)

The wedding was beautiful and completely encompassed both of them and their personalities. From the demure lace dress and the sunflowers to the woodsy elements and the brown tux vests, every element fit together like a perfect little puzzle. Kim’s design background made for beautiful invitations, programs and favors…and from what I hear Alex even helped out a little. The perfect team. Take a look!

Kim loves sunflowers so I thought it would be fun to incorporate them whenever I could...hence, the ring shot!

And the broach shot! That actually almost worked too well and looks like it's supposed to be in a flower.

The whole wedding had a natural almost woodsy kind of feel and this little leaf fit in perfectly.

Kim's mom helping her into her dress.

Love the back of that dress!

Kim is a little reserved, quiet and soft spoken. Almost delicate in her movements. The way she is holding her hands here totally captures her personality.


Moving on to Alex! The Alex I know is on the left. It's tough to think of him as the grown up man he resembles on the right. Almost stately!

Beautiful pew decorations and programs Kim designed herself by scanning in lace from her gown.

Love this one.

Now that is a damn good hug.

We stopped at a quick train track and then headed out to the park for photos!

Fun group! Really love the yellows and browns.

One of my faves! I brought along a couple of sunflowers just for this shot. Cute!

The bouquets were gorgeous. A perfect pop of color against a natural setting.

Kim you have the cutest smile!

Alex and Kim wanted an urban setting to mix it up a bit. I think this almost feels like a movie set.

Fun angles and lines.

Glowy sunset lighting.

The reception decor channeled the natural/woodsy theme I mentioned earlier with glass jars wrapped in twine holding candles sitting on tree sections.

This had to be the YMCA right?! Otherwise all of those people are acting crazy at the exact same time.

Cutest homemade favor! Tile coasters covered in different paper patterns and covered in felt on the bottom! From what I hear Alex is now a pro at cutting felt. ;)

Congrats guys!

Ceremony: St. Barnabas Catholic Church
Reception: Crestwood Elk’s Lodge
Flowers: Petals and Bows
Cake: Russell’s Bakery
Catering: Kenrick’s

L photographie St. Louis Wedding Photographers Liz Sloan and Kate Hayes

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  1. I love the wood/natural detail photos in the beginning. Awesome.
    Also, love the movie set shot – that’s totally what that is!

  2. Myrna Maas says:

    This wedding was absolutely beautiful. The sunflower theme is so precious, and the photos were perfect.

    I’m actually working on planning my own wedding and am wanting to use the sunflower theme. There are so many ideas here that I hadn’t thought of. My biggest question though… where did you find your shoes!? They are so cute!

  3. Kim says:

    The shoes I got from Payless I believe. They were traditional white wedding shoes I had died yellow to match the wedding. I then added on the clip on earrings to the top. They went with the broach that is in the pictures. It was my grandmother’s old jewelry.

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