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February 3, 2010

Kim and Steve {by liz}

It has been brought to my attention that every time I blog I apologize for not blogging and it has become a bit redundant. I’ve committed to some self improvement in 2010 and we’ll start here. This isn’t the first time I have been called out for over-apologizing in my lifetime. So that’s it! No more apologies from me in 2010! It’s everyone else’s fault damnit! :)

I love love love this couple. I love love love most all of my couples. Such a cool job I have. This chilly December wedding at the Shrine of St. Joseph and the Lindell Pavilion at Forest Park was beautiful. The altar at the shrine is one of the most beautiful in St. Louis bar none. I do wish they were a little bit more lenient in their photography laws over there, but one can only wish right? Maybe if I close my eyes and click my heels three times…

December wedding – 10 degree windchill – sunset at about 4:15 – makes photography a wee little bit more difficult than at those perfect weather May and September weddings! So we got a bit creative. We managed to take some fabulous shots in nooks and crannies inside the church. And then Kim and Steve beared the chill for a few shots on Washington Avenue and the Grand Basin. I had to do a little experimenting and step outside my comfort zone for this one. Most of you know I’m a natural light photographer. The ambient light in a situation sets the mood and I prefer to capture it than disturb it. But our situation taking photos outside hours after sunset in a park proved to be a little too dark for my usual approach. So we did a bit of off camera flash work with some pretty cool results! A BIG thank you to Kim’s mom for being photog assistant for a few minutes! She was a trooper sqwatting behind the couple and holding up the flash. I just barely had to photoshop out her arm – she was perfect! I also did some monolight experimenting at the reception for the first dance pics and love the results. The moodiness and romance is exactly what I was hoping for.

I always say that photography is the art of capturing light and when there is none it makes my job pretty difficult. But sometimes difficult is worth it. Enjoy!

shrine of st. joseph

L photo-65


L photo-128

L photo-101


shrine of st. joseph altar

L photo-207

L photo-223

L photo-244bw

L photo-245


A little moment just after the ceremony – I snuck up on them and then oops! She caught me!




washington avenue

Thanks for these shots mom! Trooper.


The Lindell Pavilion is one of my fave locations run by the pros at Catering St. Louis.

lindell pavilion

I finally managed to get my shoe shot at the reception. If I missed that it would have been a first!

stuart weitzman shoes

All beautiful flowers by the fabulous Tina Barrera.


lindell pavilion 2

L photo-539

L photo-563pp

L photo-585bw


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  1. nice work Liz! The off camera flash shots look great – and totally different than your summer weddings! And I love the bride’s dress by the way… never seen a top like that. Very cool. P.S. When are you publishing your bridal shoe coffee table book? : )

  2. Ben says:

    Ditto what Kristie said. Great work!

  3. Liz these are stunning!! I agree with Kristie….digging the OCF shots. LOVE!!!

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