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February 16, 2011

Lisa + Joe St. Louis Wedding {by liz and kate}

New experiences! I’m trying to make 2011 about new experiences…you know, break out of the norm, visit new places, approach life a little differently. And in January Lisa and Joe helped me get off to good start. I’ve never had the opportunity to shoot wedding photos in the snow until now! When Lisa called me a week or so before the wedding I heard strong concern in her voice. The cold, the snow, the weather, the worry…I on the other hand counteracted her concern with nothing short of excitement and enthusiasm for the winter wonderland wedding she had been planning. It snowed just to complete her theme! However, temperatures in the teens and six inches of snow are not for the faint of heart kind of bride. Those of you who know Lisa (owner of Belli Fiori florist on the Hill) know that faint of heart is not in her vocabulary. So she decided to embrace the cold and the fluffy white stuff! I went shopping for rubber boots, scarves and gloves and off we went! I did however forget to buy anything for Joe. He was a total trooper out there in six inches of snow in dress shoes. Sorry Joe. I’ll get you next time around.

It was a beautiful day from beginning to end! I cannot say enough good things about the list of vendors involved. We all get to work together here and there but it was really cool to come together to pull it off for one of our own! I have about 50 photos in this post so I’ll leave you to them…check out the list of vendors at the end. True all stars.

I've been on a bit of an off season wedding break and oh how I have missed the pretty shoes!

It actually was pretty serene in the suite. Not mass running around chaos (the usual). Lisa planned well!

Beautiful hand assembled invite with hints of crystal. A sign of more shiny things to come!

Lisa actually WORE this silver dollar from 1921 in her SHOE! That's quite the feat. That is not a small chunk of metal ladies and gents.

A quick little behind the scenes of some of my favorite people! From the left: Michael Gebbs of Gebbs Wedding Films (awesome work), Josh Rawls also with Gebbs Wedding Films and my partner in crime Kate all focused on Lisa getting into her dress. No privacy I tell ya.

Helpful momma crawling around on the floor with us. She gets Lisa back later in the evening though...just wait for it!

You looked beautiful Lisa! Not that you don't ALWAYS look beautiful but this time it was exceptional.

One of my personal faves (shocking - I know). I actually have lots of faves from this wedding!

Joe was parched and Lisa was happy to present him with a diet coke as they saw each other for the first time all spiffed up!

And off to the SNOW! YAY SNOW! Total troopers. this one.

I brought rubber wellie boots for Lisa but Joe is out there in 6 inches of snow in his regular dress shoes. Brrrrrrrr....

Absolutely love this shot featuring an amazing floral creation by Sandra at Petals Galore. And some Ralph Lauren gloves I may or may not have bought for Lisa to wear so that I could write them off and keep them for myself.

I'm sad the snow is melting. I'm going to miss it. This has been fun. So pretty.

Ok - so on the water, in the snow, after the sun has gone away, with nothing to block the wind when the temperature is in the teens equals COLD. But still beautiful.

A quick stop off on a snowy tree lined path in historic Soulard as we make our way to Trinity Lutheran for the ceremony!

Trinity Lutheran

At his point I think I finally have all of the feeling back in my fingers.

We were on such a time crunch due to the cold temps that I didn't really have time to take out my new tilt shift lens and play...but I did get a few fun ceremony shots with it! That's it on the left!

And enter the cool cocktail hour lounge decor for the reception at the Hyatt Regency in downtown St. Louis.

Oh the cake. I mean really. See what I said about more shiny things to come?!

How about these cool infinity candle holders?! I found myself mesmerized. I think Lacy mentioned she is one of the only people in St. Louis that has them.

The dinner room...there are no words. Lacy Branch and Lisa put their heads together to create the perfect winter wonderland theme!

I thought you needed a full shot of the glittery cake. And the wire-tied personalized napkin rings.

The room was warm and glowing.

Toasts begin and everyone is happy!

And then Lisa's mom gets the mic and starts to look a bit mischievous.

And this is Lisa's face after her mom may or may not have managed to drop Lisa's age into her nice little speech.

Congratulations you two! Thanks for playing the snow with me! You truly got your winter wonderland inside and out, and I was honored to be there to see it.

Wedding Design: Lacy Branch Events
Wedding Coordination: Lacy Branch Events
Ceremony: Trinity Lutheran Church in Soulard
Reception: Hyatt Regency St. Louis
Bouquets: Petals Galore
Floral arrangements: Belli Fiori (the beautiful bride herself!)
Dress: Simply Elegant Bridal
Makeup: Tami Scott Studio
Cake: Calamity Cakes
Stationery: Two Blue Doors
Music: Chris Johnson of CJ’s Disc Jockey Service
Videography: Gebbs Wedding Films
Limo: Best Transportation

L Photographie St. Louis Wedding Photographers Liz Sloan and Kate Hayes

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  1. Mary says:

    OMG! Breathtaking photos of a breathtaking wedding!!! Lisa was the beautiful bride I knew she would be and every detail was amazing. It would not have been the same without Mother Nature’s precious gift – a snow covered landscape!

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