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January 12, 2012

Mary + John {by liz}

I’m doing a little blog catching up over here! We were in such a whirlwind turing around photos for the holidays that I made myself a list of things that I needed to remember to blog once things slowed down to normal. So this is not the most recent event I have shot by any means, but it was a great one!

Mary is one of my very good friends. Not the acquaintance you see once a year other than facebook kind, but the bridesmaid in your wedding kind. Mary was one of my bridesmaids five years ago and I was so excited to capture this big day for her and John! I love these two together. And I can’t even describe the love I see when John looks at my friend Mary. I swear he barely took his eyes off of her all day long. I am so happy for them both.

Mary and the girls actually got ready at my house. It was weird (but fun) taking getting ready photos at my own house on a wedding day! At least I didn’t have to feel bad scooting around furniture and shoving random annoying background objects out of view. Big plus. I always feel a little guilty when I rearrange other people’s living rooms to the point of unrecognizable.

Mary and John saw each other for the first time at Tower Grove Park and after some photos we all headed over to St. Cecilia’s in south city for their ceremony. And then it was off to the Worlds Fair Pavilion for the reception! It could not have been a nicer evening for an outdoor wedding. It was perfect…all the way up to the full moon in the sky. Enjoy!

First up – pretty little things.

Mary usually wears little to no makeup.  Unlike me who rarely leaves the house without a little (or more than a little) somethin’ on!  So when she had her makeup done for the wedding…

…POW!  Hello eyes!

LOVE this one of Mary and our friend Laura.

Mary…you looked HOT girl!

Everyone thinks so!

Everyone in Mary’s family has worn this cathedral veil.  It was the perfect finishing touch.

First sight…

The ladies…

And gents.

The trees hadn’t really changed yet…except for this one bright yellow one I found!  Love this light.

Again with those beautiful eyes.

Some of my favorites…

John doesn’t smoke cigars, but I brought this along for a little experiment.  That’s the good thing about friends!  They put up with my crazy.  I think this is a pretty cool shot.

Teary-eyed John as Mary comes through the doors at the end of the aisle…

Beautiful St. Cecilia’s.

Say it with me people!  Awww….


The “go in peace” over the door at St. Cecilia’s is just perfect.  Especially with these two underneath it.

The moon was unbelievable.

All of the toasts were clever and beautiful.

I believe that is a sample “honey-do” list…

Mary’s mom’s side of the family does some giant crazy dance thing.  I was running and zig zagging around everywhere snapping photos haphazardly trying to capture the madness.  This one is my favorite with our friends Laura and Michael…running…full speed…in circles.  Lot’s of crazy circles.

Everyone looks they are involved in some sort of tribal ritual with those glowy sticks, headbands, bracelets and and necklaces everywhere!

Congratulations you two!  I love you both.  Here’s to lots of happy years together!

Ceremony: St. Cecilia’s Catholic Church
Reception: World’s Fair Pavilion
Caterer: Pasta House
Flowers: Frankie Peltiere of Festive Atmospheres
Cake: Lubeley’s
Music: Absolute Class DJ’s
Dress: Brides by Demetrios
Hair and Makeup: Mary Ann Saitta of SkinCare24 Spa Salon
Professional swing dancer/fire twirler: Mary’s sister Annie
Rings: Hartman Jewelers (John’s store!)

L Photographie St. Louis Wedding Photographers Liz Sloan and Kate Hayes

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