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November 15, 2009

Megan and Buddy | by liz

My second Cohen sister of the year and her new husband Buddy showed up to play and didn’t disappoint on this beautiful fall day! I use the sports reference because I must. You see, Buddy and his groomsmen (some or at least most) apparently went to Florida for college. AND there was a big Florida game on that day. So all of the men sacrificed their love of football for their love of Buddy that day…well sort of. More on that topic below. The wedding and reception took place at the Marriott West in Maryville Center. After some final getting ready shots with the ladies, Megan and Buddy saw each other in their wedding garb and we headed out to Faust Park for a few shots. It’s funny – I used to get out west more but lately most of my weddings have been in the downtown/central St. Louis region. So I haven’t gotten to use Faust much but it has some great spots. Like this old home and barn you’ll see below. And wedding party really didn’t complain when I asked them to walk on the equivalent of mush. We are talking mid October here and if you St. Louisans remember correctly, we broke all kinds of rain records by about mid October. So although it wasn’t raining, we were dealing with it’s mushy aftermath. BUT I’m certainly not complaining and you’ll see why below…enjoy!

Let’s start with a pair of the most beautiful earrings I have ever seen and a fun pair of shiney shoes. Megan – I was serious about that offer I made for the earrings.  Some girls have bag envy…I have shiney thing envy.  And I know shiney isn’t spelled with an “e” but I like it better that way so I’m going with it.  


This is the side detail of her dress – more shiney!


Shiney things are everywhere!


Megan – you are beautiful.


And this is the beautiful bracelet Megan received as a wedding gift from her thoughtful groom. It even color coordinates!


Off to the mushy park! Totally worth it.








On the way back down Olive I noticed this field…right next to Ya Ya’s. It looks like we are in the middle of the country on a serene day doesn’t it? Nope – cars zipping down Olive about 20 feet away.


Oh happy day! FLORIDA WINS! FLORIDA WINS! Now we can finally start this wedding thing about 10 minutes late. Ha!


Yay – married!


Beautiful reception details. Mmmmm….caramel apples.


I had to put a shout out to the parents of the bride in here. BOTH daughters married within 6 months of each other. And they still look happy! It’s a wedding miracle!




The toasts did not disappoint. Props to the best man and maid of honor. I had a very tough time deciding which of these to put on here…so many good ones. However, this one is here for a different reason. I feel like I ALMOST got the perfect shot. You see there on the left is speak no evil and the dude in the middle is see no evil. If only the guy on the right had done his part and gone the earmuff route. Maybe next time. This time we have a double blind. Love is blind you know…






Congrats guys!

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  1. Emily McDaniel says:

    Great pics Liz! Megan you look beautiful.

  2. Pamela says:

    the photo by ya ya’s is amazing

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