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October 26, 2009

New angle (by liz)

My husband generally has everything he really wants…doesn’t need a new bottle of cologne or a new shirt or a power tool or anything normal for that matter. Other than some items that I am certainly not in a financial position to purchase for him (like a Maserati – and nor will I ever be unless we win the lottery) I have no idea what to buy the man! And it was his birthday. So I thought, how about a new and random experience instead? We headed down to the riverfront and hopped in a helicopter! It took us on a ride over the botanical gardens and our house, and of course, the riverfront. I know I’m not the first and nor will I be the last to take this photo, but I’m pretty sure I will personally never get to view it from this angle again. Enjoy!

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  1. FUN! I’ve seen those helicopters taking off down there. Good gift : )

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