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July 27, 2011

Samantha {by kristie}

Wow. I am blog back-logged. I’ve got lots of sessions to share this week, so please hang tight if you’re expecting a photo peek!

First up, the cute little Samantha, with the brightest blue eyes! She came all the way from Kansas for her photo session. Her Mom is a dear old friend of mine, that I haven’t seen in something like 15 years, which is just nuts. I love old friends that you can pick up a conversation with, no matter how long it’s been, and it feels like you were together yesterday. You are awesome Michele, and it was so great to see you, if only for a couple hours.

I hope you enjoy the photo peek. The rest are coming your way by Friday! : )

On with the photos…
We met in Faust Park. Always a fun location, where I can find new “looks” each time I go.

We played in some bubbles, which did not seem to want to pop. I’ve never seen bubbles pile up on the grass like this. I think I was more amazed than Samantha.

A gorgeous path of flowers we stumbled upon.

Swinging. Nothing beats it.

We ended with a carousel ride. It was Samantha’s first ride, which I was a little nervous about, as most kids cry.
(Like my son who screamed, with a death-grip on me, and would not sit on the horse the entire time).
But Samantha did great! She actually cried when it was over. Too cute.

Thanks for having me capture your little girl, Michele. She’s so darn cute, just like her Mommy : )

St. Louis Children’s Photographer, Kristie Cromie.

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  1. Michele K says:

    Kristie, you’re an amazing photographer! Thank you so much for taking Samantha’s photos. Love, love, love the pics! THANKS!

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