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February 18, 2013

St. Louis Family Magazine Photo Tips

{by kristie}
This was a fun surprise I got last night! Well, first let me start by saying I’m FINALLY getting around to reading the huge stack of magazines that has been collecting on my nightstand since the fall. (Fall & Holiday season is always so nuts, I don’t think I dig myself out until mid-February).

Anyhoo, St. Louis Magazine has a new addition, just for Families. I believe this is the second issue. I’m reading along and come across an article, “A Guide to Photographing Your Kids.” I love photo articles and tips like this, since I also teach photography workshops for parents. (next one April 7). At the bottom of the article, it mentions a web exclusive to see some of St. Louis’s finest Children’s Photographers online. So, a hop on the iPad, and to my fun surprise, I’m on the list! Yay! That totally made my night. Thank You St. Louis Magazine.

And, here is the article, so you can hop over and read about those good tips I mentioned: St. Louis Family Magazine article.

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