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L Photographie


Happy Friday world! I actually have a rare Saturday off tomorrow, and it’s awesomely nice outside, so I’m feeling all warm and fuzzy and happy at the moment. And looking at these two lovebirds just makes me smile even more! I just put together the photos and then looked back through it and thought, damn, […]

Katie + Paul wedding {by liz}


Lots of late work nights mean that I am putting up TWO count ’em TWO wedding blogs in one week! I can’t say this will happen again any time soon. Big thanks to all of my couples still waiting for their photos out there. Your patience is appreciated more than you know! I promise we […]

Elizabeth + David wedding {by liz}


Cathleen and Michael win the award for my favorite invitations and pattern use so far this year  (and yes, that’s saying a lot!) I love the yellows and greys and the fact that their quirky style as a couple was totally represented in their wedding.  The flowers that Lisa at Belli Fiori made were drop […]



We have been covering some fantastic events for Envy Events over the last year, but I must say that this one was downright spectacular! The company was Schattdecor, a German company that produces the paper prints such as tile and wood that end up mounted on high quality laminate flooring and other home products. They […]

Corporate Event Perfection