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L Photographie


Spending time with the whole family together. It really is something special to capture. It’s not often that I photograph extended family photo sessions that are not for a specific event (like Grandma’s birthday party, or a baptism, for example) – but having “something to do” besides stare at the camera is totally the way […]

Hess families {by kristie}


Laura, Jim and children-doggies! We took these in Blackburn Park near their home in Webster Groves – I’ve never been before but it worked out wonderfully! They were able to run home, drop off doggies, change clothes and make it back in about 10 minutes. I was quite impressed with the Superman speed quick change. […]

Laura + Jim engagement {by liz}


So, you may recognize Corey from Amanda and Chris’s wedding party (if you follow our blog regularly)…he is Amanda’s brother and I have the pleasure of shooting he and Roberta’s wedding this fall… I love when I get to see my favorite families again!  When I asked these two what they wanted to do for […]

Roberta + Corey engagement {by kate}