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July 10, 2017

Hess families {by kristie}

Spending time with the whole family together. It really is something special to capture. It’s not often that I photograph extended family photo sessions that are not for a specific event (like Grandma’s birthday party, or a baptism, for example) – but having “something to do” besides stare at the camera is totally the way to go for these sessions! … In my opinion. And, actually in the Hess family’s opinion too – lucky for me! On the family inquiry form they let me know; “We are interested in a photo-journalistic style shoot. We’re looking for something really fun and light; nothing stuffy, traditional, or overly-formal/staged.” Well. I would say we accomplished just that! We spent a lovely afternoon at Bowood Farms and Cafe Osage, which is right near us in the Central West End. (such yummy food and drinks by the way!) It was so nice of Bowood to not only let us shoot there, but allowed the four-legged kids join in too! These are definitely some lucky, spoiled pups in the Hess family below. I’m so glad I got to be a witness to their sweet family afternoon together …

here are those yummy drinks I mentioned! ;)

Such a fun day & we got SO LUCKY with the weather! (It had just stormed prior, which is why it looks like we had the place to ourselves). The sun peeked out just for us! I love it when that happens ;)

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