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L Photographie


Life is weird right now. I really couldn’t think of any other way to start typing. It would be strange to post my usual wedding intro and not acknowledge that fact, and yet I feel like I want to give you an escape into this beautiful wedding wonderland without hindrance. I’ve always thought of photographs […]

Tori + Dylan wedding {by liz}


Laney and Kyle got married in Red Bud, IL on one of the foggiest, mistiest wedding days I have ever experienced! It was raining on and off, but the rolling fog in the outdoor photos almost made it challenging to focus at times; the videographers shot a few scenes with a drone and it only […]

Laney + Kyle wedding {by kate}


Jamie and Kyle had an action packed wedding day with beautiful little details and thoughtful touches from start to finish (thank you Katie Fogerty from St. Louis Wedding Consultants!!) It was St. Louis themed, so it was perfect timing with all the playoff excitement. We began the day with the ladies at the Hilton at […]

JAMIE + KYLE {by kate}


Well folks… strap yourselves in, this one is gonna be a doozie. It’s two events in one! Tom and Staci are a St. Louis couple with a great story (don’t worry…I’m going to tell the short version here). Their parents are long time friends and have been vacationing together in Hilton Head SC for many […]

staci + tom {by kate}