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Sari & Danny had a beautiful wedding at the Chase Park Plaza on a  hot summer day, surrounded by family and friends. fun moments with Mom ❤️❤️❤️ the lovely Sari Danny looks pretty spiffy too! that PEONY tho!! Boys like flowers too! cute bracelets and bags! Auntie Sari loves this little nugget! Let’s make this […]

Sari + Danny wedding {by kate}


When I photograph a bunch of weddings in a row, the ones at the end of the stretch generally have to wait a little bit longer to get their photos than the ones at the beginning. And Poor Jess and Andy were definitely at the end of a stretch for me! They have been so […]

Jess + Andy wedding {by liz & meredith}


Erin and Faisal got married on a rainy day…. probably my rainiest of the year, but they took it like champs & we still managed to get some gorgeous photos!! We started out at the Chase Park Plaza (and we will end there as well!)  Erin had a ring that belonged to Faisal’s father made […]

Erin + Faisal wedding {by kate & meredith}


Libby and Glenn got married on a gorgeous early Spring day and I was there.  I photographed it… how cool is that?!  I am continually humbled and grateful that people choose us to capture such a monumental occasion in their lives.  Sorry, I’m having a rare sappy moment…stick with me here, I promise it will […]

Libby + Glenn wedding {by kate}


Liz’s unite! #1 Liz: The Bride. #2 Liz: The church coordinator. #3 Liz: little old me. And then the fabulous Shelli Alred of Alred Wedding Consultants who at least has two of the three letters in her name so that has to count for something. (PS – I think we could get you some serious […]

Liz + Lucas {by liz}