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L Photographie


After a crazy fall, we are trying to catch up on blogging and sharing images from so many of our beautiful couples… here is the lovely wedding of Rachel and Josh! This little inclusion made me SWOON! A 170 year old handkerchief carried by so many strong women in the family! Stunning dress and veil […]

Rachel + Josh wedding {by kate & mer}


Ashley and Greg got married on a beautiful post rainy day at Hidden Lake Winery… their cute pup made numerous lovable, fluffy appearances too! Wedding doggies are the best.  I started out at Ashley and Greg’s home, while Mer began her day with the boys a few blocks away….. This little lady loves her mama! […]

Ashley + Greg wedding {by kate & meredith}


I have a confession. I know that I’m a photographer and that means that I should somehow naturally be good at social media, but I am certifiably TERRIBLE. I can’t remember the exact years that blogging became a “thing”, but I remember when Kristie told me I had to start doing it. I rolled my […]

Jess + Derek wedding {by liz}


Oh Sam and Matt…you guys will forever be emblazoned in my brain as the “best vows of all time” couple. I’ve shot HUNDREDS of weddings so that is a pretty serious title to hold. I’m so glad you two found each other and have decided to hold onto each other for the rest of your […]

Sam + Matt wedding {by liz}


Jen and Ashok might be the nicest clients on the planet.  ever.  I have never had a client be more concerned with my well being throughout the day making sure I had food and telling me to sit down and take a break..  We were not only fed a beautiful meal at the Chase, but […]

JEN + ASHOK {by kate & kristie}