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L Photographie


I have so been looking forward to sharing this one! I love that we were able to take advantage of this tiny little stream of sunlight that came out right before sunset. We have had so much snow and rain and gloominess that just seeing that warm, soft glow on my screen cheered me up […]

Jackie + Jared wedding {by liz & meredith}


Just a few lovely events left from 2017! Alex and Matt warned me that they were shy non-camera people before the wedding. I’m pretty sure you will look through this blog and think they are both crazy because they look so comfy and happy on their wedding day! It was a gorgeous September day…one of […]

Alex + Matt wedding {by liz & meredith}


Kristy and Alex got married at the beautifully renovated Magnolia Hotel in downtown St. Louis.  This was a fun day surrounded by close friends and family, which makes the day more fun all around!  Alex and Kristie laugh a lot, and more importantly, they make each other laugh a lot.  I always feel like that […]

Kristy + Alex wedding {by kate}


We are so excited to share highlights from our shoot for the fashion editorial in St. Louis Bride magazine! Well actually THREE shoots – with the help of the amazing Simcha Lourie at Simcha’s Events, we recreated three weddings. Dresses, flowers, cake, receptions, everything! It was quite the undertaking but seeing it all come together […]

St. Louis Bride magazine fashion editorial