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Smita and Raj got married on a lovely fall day at the always gorgeous Marriott Grand. The rehearsal and henna was held in the Statler Ballroom and the wedding and reception the following day were in the Crystal Ballroom. I love shooting in that space because of the bright light that flows in on three […]

Smita + Raj wedding {by kate & mer}


I am belated in blogging this GORGEOUS wedding… two, two, two ceremonies in one! ❤️ Elizabeth and Sid renewed their vows twice in one day, surrounded by family and friends, and tons of beautiful details! henna party! I love this fabric! Almost ready for ceremony number one! The gorgeous bride and her handsome groom! A […]

Elizabeth + Sid wedding {by kate}


One of my very favorite things about what I do is getting to experience so many different cultures and traditions. The Eritrean ladies dancing around the bride as she leaves the house for her wedding, the Vietnamese family tea ceremony, the Greek couple in flower crowns taking their first steps around the altar as husband […]

Jenny + Gautam wedding {by liz & meredith}


As I put this blog together, all I could think over and over was “This is what it looks like when you marry your best friend.” I have known Jamie as an acquaintance since college. She falls into the “friend of a friend” category and that friend that connects us is none other than my […]

Jamie + Tony wedding {by liz + guest photog Kate Hargis}